Thursday, November 24, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLVII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear honey,

My dearest love, today I sat and thought, with every breath I took, of only you. I remember when we first got together like it was yesterday. Two people in two different worlds, I just sat here and was all alone, not knowing what life had in store for me..
And then an opening of the door and there you stand, a man with a heart the size of the heavens above.
One day lead to the next, and then days turned into months and months turned into years and almost three years......our love still there without knowing where it's can be...

Today, you are so far away and I'm not being able to hold you, kiss you, or even able to tell you I love you every day, as we go through the hardest thing we have ever had to go through in all the years we have been together. Yes, I miss you and can't wait till you come home to be able to wrap my arms around you and hold you close to my heart. Days go by and nights get longer. It makes me stronger and stronger. I just want you to know that I will be here as long as it will take;
one thing I want you to know is I love you and you will forever be in my heart.

Love you......


Sunday, October 30, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLVI- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear love.......

What I long for is forever with you. My heart longs for you.....
When I am with you, I never want to leave.
Your love has made me, wealthy beyond my dreams. 
I just don't think I can tell you that enough..

No matter how many times I get hurt because of you, 
I won't leave you because, even if have a hundred reasons to leave you,
I'll look for that one reason to fight for you.
In love, the past is not important, but the present. 
Experience is more relevant than the pain you went through.

The only thing that will make it stronger is forgiveness 
and not the retorting of sin. Allah is so good, He knows 
where a person will be happy, where they can love and beloved, 
where heaven on earth is. Now I know why Allah put me near you (Knowing you)......

I have been occupied with nothing but you....
I wish I could say in an agreeable manner. I am tormented day and night. 
I love you not because I need you but I need you because I love you.
If you asked me how many times you have crossed my mind, 
I would say once, because you never really left..

I cannot live without you and not only you but chaste you, virtuous you.
The sun rises and sets, the day passes and you follow the bent of your 
inclination to a certain extent, you have no conception of the quantity 
of miserable feeling that passes through me in a day.

Be serious....LOVE is not a plaything and again do not write unless 
you can do it with a crystal conscience.
If I could be anything, I would be your tear so I could be born in your eyes, 
live down your cheek, and die on your lips.
You have no idea how good it feels to weak up every morning 
knowing you are mine and I am yours. You were my strength when I was weak, 
you were my voice when I couldn't speak, you were my eyes when I couldn't see; 
you saw the best there was in me.

I want you to hold me and say its okay...when I go to leave, 
pull me and tell me to stay, hold my hand, kiss my lips, look me in the eyes.
You can close your eyes to things you don't want to see, 
but you can't close your heart to the things you don't want to feel.

One day you will ask me which is more important, you or my life?..
And I will say my life, and you will walk away not knowing that YOU are MY LIFE...

Yours for ever,


Monday, September 19, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLV- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )


At night I dreamed about the magical moments we shared ...Holding hands on the street, laying in each other's loving embrace...Every last moment was still stuck in my brain.....

They were still stuck in the creases of my fast-paced mind.No matter how hard I tried to be rid of them, they stuck there like the disgusting files of a glue trap.Unable to move or take flight.Reminding my mind of what my heart never wanted to forget.
Oh Allah.. I never want to forget that at one point you, yes you, the nonchalant musician,ha
d once loved me.Yes you loved me.And dear Allah.. did I still love you? I loved you with every last fiber of my being...

I loved you to the point where I would take my life for you if it would bring you back. Even if it were just for my dying breaths. If I do recall in my manic behavior I even threatened to take my life. Yes, I in fact held a knife to my wrist and told you that I was in the middle of doing the nasty deed. And what was your response to me? ...
"Stop being so fucking over dramatic. It's just an easy break up" And that's what pushed me over the edge. That is what made me press the knife, down onto my exposed vein and draw ugly dark lines of red that, quite fortunately.... didn't kill me. But damn if I didn't try. It was an easy break up? For you my dear it might have been.

I can't say it isn't easy to look at you these days. Because it is. It is easy to look at you. Accept when I look at you I don't feel the sick amount of adoration I had for you. No, instead I can stare at you and pity you. Because while I moved on to a brighter and better life, you're still stuck being the sad lonely creature you are since you left. Yes, I noticed the change. I noticed the spark in your eye fade into the dull shell of a man yoo've become. And I can't feel sorry for you. I just can not. And I'm ok with that.....with heart hurt....

Your's Truly,

Sunday, September 4, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLIV- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Love,

Hi.... You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You're my love, and will forever be my love.
You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme for a dream!

Every moment we share together we grow closer. I'm simply hanging by a moment, waiting to see you again so you can hold me so tight that all else fades, I thought after I left, you would fade away from my mind, but..... still everyday I wake up dreaming of our time together. I will never forget you. I hope you still think of me too. I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be.

Please know that my love and I are inseparable and I would want it no other way and if time could express my love for you then it's forever and a day, I can't wait to be with you, see your smile, look in your eyes, feel your sweet touch, hear your perfect words and laugh with you in the perfect relationship. the way I feel about you some people call it crazy, some call it insane,
but I call it true love. I really love you......

When we first met, I didn't even consider you real. You were just a pixel on a screen. We talked more and I became so confused. "How I could I have real feelings for a person I've never met?" I'd ask myself. I will never forget the first time I looked into your eyes; it was at that very moment I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. In your eyes I saw everything I needed to know. It's been are years now. Things have not been easy. We've had our ups and downs but, through it all, I do know what we have is so very real.

Honey...I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long. Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence.

Dear.., our love has been assaulted many times, and I am convinced that it is true because the longer I am away from you, the greater is my yearning to be with you again. I cherish any thought of you, prize any memory of you that rises from the depths of my mind, and live for the day when our physical separation will no longer be.

Until that moment arrives, I send to you across the miles, my tender love, my warm embrace, and my most passionate love.

Love always,


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLIII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear love...

I used to pray for us to be alone, because I envisioned that we'd never run out of things to say. We're both such freaks, such word addicts, so similar yet careening down radically different paths. I used to dream of possiblities floating over our heads, little cartoon-bubble musings matched with cups of coffee.

But on that day, the last day as far as I'm concerned, we sat in a room full of goodbyes and leavings, as filled with last-minute emotion as it could possibly be, and found nothing, nothing on earth, to say.

My Love; my Sweet ... I look back at the years that we shared together, how amazing my time with you was. Sometimes it breaks my heart to go that far back down the road and be reminded of how much I loved you; how much we loved each other. I have never felt a love so magnificent and immaculate than that of which I had in my heart for you. How could two people that felt as if they could never live without each other, now become so distant and far apart? How can a love that was meant to last, crumble right before our very eyes? What happened to our love ... what happened to us?

I would've never thought that I would ever have to question or doubt what we had. You're an amazing man, honey..., you've helped me to discover my dreams and inspired me to become the woman that I've always dreamed of becoming. I am a better person because of you - because you believed in me, because you love me. I love you dearly, ....., with all my heart.

I look into your eyes and I see a love that is very much still there, but no longer radiant and alive. I don't believe that we grew apart, my love, but we began to grow differently. Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we
will travel down the same path once again, until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

True love never dies as we see in our eyes, only when we let go that we can truly say goodbye...If my love for you were water, it would be as vast as an ocean...There is one pain I often feel, which you will never know. It's caused by the absence of you...When you love a woman, you see your world inside her eyes...

I will love you all my life and when I die I will still love you through eternity and beyond.....


Monday, August 15, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear love....,

I just wanted to thank you! You know I don't think you realize how much you inspire me. I am so proud of the person you've become and are becoming. I understand you've been through a lot and you've made not the best of choices, but I can see that you have grown.

Though truthfully I've always known from the very first time I met you to now, that you were a strong person.

You are so full of wisdom about life that when you speak it really makes me think that I could stay there forever just to listen to your open mind, for it is peaceful and inviting.

Honey..., you have become my awakening, you have helped me see things in a brighter way, In a happier, enlightening way. For I was once drowning from my own fears, completely cynical about love, about hope and security. I used to think that no one understood me and could ever.

Then one day before I knew you personally, you flew into my thoughts and at that moment though I wasn't truly sure why you were there. Suddenly I felt reassured and a smile was brought to my heart. Somehow I believe deep down I knew I loved you then.

When I got to know you a year later I realized I wasn't alone and that something inside of you was hurting similar to what constantly brought tears to my eyes. I went through a time in my life where I felt worthless unloved, continuously searching for happiness.

But, you made me laugh and forget everything that was going on. That year you became my escape, my survival. I don't think I could of made it through that year as strong as I did if you weren't in my life.

Honey.... I thank you for all the fun times we spent together even if they were short lived. Now over the years I have come to this conclusion you must have been an angel sent by God to help me grieve and become a strong willed woman because no one has ever been able to help me see the light. Clouds of darkness shadowed over me no matter what any other soul would say, but you make me smile with just your presence.

You don't have to say a word; everything's okay when you're beside me. You know I thank God every day for the amazing people he has brought into my life because each and every one of them has changed my life in a very beautiful dramatic way.

And I believe people are brought into your life for a reason, a way in which to guide you and help you see yourself. I like to call all those wonderful people my angels, my earthly angels. Honey... you are one, and I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. And though we may never be, just know you will always live in my heart.

Love always,


Friday, July 29, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XLI- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

To my dearest...

There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart, that our hearts have come to dwell together, as one. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my best friend....

You are my one true love. Time to time..365 Days dreaming of you...8760 hrs thinking of you...525600 Mins missing you...315360000 Millisec just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me....You are my destiny. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today. Loving you is the only thing that makes life worth living.

Before this I think...everything you did was a manipulation, after all. Every little word you said, though I believed it at the time, was self-serving.That why a word lier always come out from my mouth or always hurting you in my sms...

Now I know that is you a person of few words. You don't often say what is on your mind and even if you do, it usually doesn't come out quite right. But what you do not express verbally doesn't mean you don't fell it in your heart...That what I learn and try to understand your attitude as what you always said...

When we first met, feelings that I didn't know existed stirred in my heart. An unexplained desire to know you better and a burning hope that I made a good impression. It is not often that we come across a person in our lives that we want him/her to take notice of us and ignite the spark that is embedded in our hearts.

For some, love doesn't occur in an instant. Even I used to think that love takes some time to grow, especially the kind of deep love that envelops us now. But love can also be strange. If the person feels right in every way, love can take on a level of intensity that we never knew we are capable of feeling.

And this is what I'm experiencing right now. Being with you is comfort, love, security, contentment, passion and happiness, all rolled into one. A myriad of feelings but each works with one an other to build a profound emotion in my heart that only you are capable of arousing. This relationship...fairly our hearts..

Please forgive me for all the hurt that I have caused you in the past; I love you and I always will until I die. Hopefully, when that day comes, I will still have you by my side and you will be that last angel face I see. I will be able to hold you in my arms one last time and tell you how much I love you and how much you really mean to me.

But....When I don't message you or call you....Doesn't mean....I forgot about you.......

I was just giving you time.......To miss me........


Sunday, May 1, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XL- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Hello Dear...
I can see you in my mind, blushing over these feeble words and it makes me smile in a sad sort of way. You will be sitting there reading these sentences and feeling a little fear that I may well be obsessed; but also flattered and smug. Does this assuage your need for hero-worship? Were we not on a boat that last night you’d have seen me down on my knees – would that have sufficed? I knew we were reaching an ending of sorts and I wanted my feelings for you clearly understood.
Pen now and ink. These are all that are left to me. Again. As usual. Were you here now… what? I no longer know. My head is no longer clear and my heart has overflowed. It is dripping flames of agony and desire and longing throughout and over my body.
I hurt…......what more can I say? Silence and stillness.
Were you here now…? I’m not sure. Candles? Darkness? Which would better suit? Should I hide still in this solitude? Should I be ashamed of these feelings and the actions they require of me to be fulfilled? Possibly I have no shame left. Not after those moments with you. Why should I feel shame for loving someone? I tried to – a couple of times – because society says I am wrong to do what I have done. My mind, my heart, my soul – they disagree. My life, lived the way it has been, would have had me do no less. Only more, were that an option.
It is not. Silence and stillness.
For all that lack of light I could still see you clearly. Could you see my face that night? I hope so. I was smiling and laughing softly to myself over what a mouth can do without ever uttering a word.
Silence without stillness. I miss you.
Are you fearing obsession again? Don’t. I’m not. I’ve been obsessed before and this isn’t it. I know it well. I lived with it for a years. It is a dark and heavy feeling, deep with brooding and self-taught lies. My mind is free of that and clear enough to know the truth. Back then I couldn’t tell the difference between reality and my own brainwashing. I can now. Maybe it’s because I can differentiate between the two that I am so sad. Reality is a harsh and cold place to live at times
I guess now is one of those times.
Why can’t I feel you in my memory? I know the body was designed to forget the sensation of physical pain; was it fair of Allah to deny us the remembrance of physical pleasure also? Maybe it is a blessing that I do not have that to mourn over; to highlight even more forcibly what I no longer have. I don’t know. All I know is that I miss having you here to light up this darkness, roar through this silence and bring joy into this solitude.
Thank you for the memories… but won’t you please come out to play?
It’s okay.
I know you won’t.. love for u is always full in my heart...


Monday, April 11, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIX- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear honey....

These past two years, with a clear head but full heart. I have no regrets, just this ineffable sadness lurking throughout my rooms of memory. To turn back time and savour those moments with you more deeply is an impossibility. Not because I do not have the means to time travel, for I do. Memory is a blessing I bear – one I often curse because it remembers all too clearly what I have lost. I can walk the corridors of the past with ease, each second with you is fresh and vivid; alive with sight and sound and scent. The impossibility lies in the fact that it is physically, emotionally and mentally beyond me to cherish those moments any more than I did at the timmye of their creation. They were experienced with more intensity than this frail heart and body should ever have been asked to bear as it was.

The pain lies now in the lack of sensation; the total numbness of my hands and body when I recall how you held me and kissed me. I can’t feel that. Without your touch these memories are just home videos thrown up on the vein-cracked wall of my mind. How is it that a person can still taste another’s ....... and yet be unable to bring to mind those feeling to hers?

I will tell u some thing though I m next to u … I love the way say … aahhhhaa … you can’t imagine How much I love you .. but I m scared for only n only one thing … will you love me like this forever ….. cause this is your love who made me crazy .. now If u will chage .. I really dont know what will I do …. I can’t even say .. I will die and go to some other world .. cause there also I would be searching you … I have always had a dream to get some one like you … I never know god could be so great full to me to send you to my life … You are my life … My heart ….. If I open my eyes I want to see you … If I want to hear some thing .. I only want to hear your voice ….. If sind comes to touch me .. I want it should touch u first and then come to me ….. I love uuuuu …


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXVIII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear honey....

How are you? Hope you are always doing fine. I am really appreciate and very understand what you mean to me... However, I am very great having you in my life because you are very special in my heart and in my dreams.We are never had any such relationship before, but this is the one of opportunity from the Allah to know someone like you.... also for sure that i really want to be part of you ...

When asked what I would say to you, I simply nodded. I said that I would hate you for eternity, for what you’ve done for sometime. However, in my heart, that is not what I feel. I am lost without you. I don’t even know where to begin. If I could say those words to make everything right, I would. Yet, I don’t. I will never know. That kills me, no; it destroys me, inside.

These past few months, they have been hard. On not just me, but everyone connected to us. I have drug people down with me, and that, is unforgivable. Yes, I admit I’ve done some horrible, unforgiving sins, yet not a day goes by where I don’t regret every one of them.

There have been times when I was haunted by my memories, tormented, as if they were mocking me! There were times when I’d have nightmares of them. Then I would dream of you. Yes, I’ve dreamt of you. Many nights I have. It hurt to see your face in my dreams. It hurt to see my past replaying in my head, but I still dream. I dream of what I would say if, I ever saw that sweet face of yours once more. Honey, I try to stop loving you. It destroyed us. Love is what tore us apart. I loved you too much, and it ruined our lives. Because of love, I am scarred for life. Therefore, I do not wish it any longer.

I have tried, and failed, ... At least, I have tried. I’ve only ever yearned to hear your melodic voice once more. No, I’m not attached. I’ve done my best to move on with my life. Yet there is still a calling within me that wonders how you are doing. How are you doing in your life without me in it? How have you grown? Have you learned to let go, and move on?

Why I have done this, you may ask. The answer is quite simple. Because I am nothing without you.Without you my days are "Sadday,"Moanday, "Tearsday, "Wasteday, "Thirstday, "Fightday", and "Shatterday". If you have 1000 years of age, I just want to have 999 years and 364 days, so I never have to live a day without you. I assume that knowing you were a great lover ..... To me, you are real. As real as a butterfly in the spring. As real as the rain in summer, or the snow in winter.

If my love is a question, I'm sure u are the answer.If loving you is a crime. I'd like to be jailed for my whole life, in your heart.

Love is not finding someone to live with, It's finding someone you can't live without.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXVII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Love,

I met you almost are years ago ............., and since that time, I have grown to love you so deeply. I have heard it said that long distance romances don't last, but I disagree. I know that what we are doing may be considered wrong by some, but I also know what I feel in my heart, and I know that it's real.I believe in destiny though just like I believe in luck and karma.

I lay awake at night, sometimes, and I cry 'cause I miss you so much. I know that we can't change the past, and I know that we can't predict the future, but my heart does not lie ... I am so in love with you.

I know I am not perfect and I have not made things easy for either of us but I Love You with all my heart. I will do whatever it takes to make this work. I cannot imagine a day without you in my life....

When your cogitation me so tenderly, my heart skips a beat. When I look into your beautiful eyes, I can see how much you love me. When we contemplate each other's so sweetly and......., I can feel the emotion just by holding you closely... we may not be married to each other, but our love still goes on, and I just want you to know that you are precious to me and no matter how this story turns out, I will always love you, now and forever. I love you......

Love always,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXVI- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )


I was on my way to bed and wanted to write you a little note. Thank you so much for having so much faith in me and in us as a couple. Thank you for making me a better person, and for giving your heart to me and opening up so much.I love you so much, and can't wait to be with you again. I want to give you my heart and soul.

Hey, Honey ... I miss you. I'm just here thinking about you, like I always do. I hope you're as happy as me; Sunday is almost here again. I just want you to know how much I love you.
Ever since the first time I heard you on the phone and heard your cute voice, I miss you every second of my life.

The perfect thought is us together forever. The sweetest word is your name. And the greatest thing is your love. Every silent prayer that has left my mind, all the empty words that have left my mouth and chased my lips, and all the lonely tears that have escaped my eyes have made me who I am, one to love you more. All the times I felt I've found the one, and all the times I've mourned over a bleeding heart, all the times I've given it all I've got is are as many as I have found my face in the mud.

All the times we fight feels like we're gambling our lives. I hope we never lose. I love you so much, those five words I tell you so much can't have more meaning than anything else ever possibly could. I love you with all my faults and all my achievements. I love you with all that I am. I love you for who you are. I hope in the quietest of the night when I whisper out to you you know just what to do. You listen to hear my voice echoing how much I love you.

Love Always.......

Thursday, February 10, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXV- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

My Dearest.....
No doubt you know by this time that I'm playing this little game of love in earnest. The single thought of the days I've wasted makes me want for you more and more, and I'm smiling through my tears to think of all those years I've needed your sympathy. You've been my guide to light and my inspiration and of all things that have been my pleasures, there is not a single one which I would not give up for the one I love

My only thoughts are of what I can do to make you happy, to allay your fears and restore your faith and love and trust in me and for me.The more I love you though the more I fear losing you. I have no idea the thoughts, feelings and memories that haunt you and keep you from loving me the way that I want and need you to. I only know that what ever it is that effects you so deeply must be real and profound and that only you can work through what is confusing you so. But know that I am here for you a new and changed... ready to give you everything I have in my heart and soul to help you.

I have looked inside myself to see who I am, what I want and what kind of future that I want...For better for worse, in sickness and in health till death do us part, I believe in that, I am committed to that. I will honor it gladly, happily with love and passion. You are what I want - what I need. In my eyes the sun rises and sets with you, you color my world and bring joy to me.. are my world, I am lost without you, I am a rudderless ship floating on stormy seas without you in my life. I love you so, so very much. My desire and lust for you burns hotter than the fire of the sun. When I look at you I see so much handsome, natural and sensuality. For me, that will never change - I promise. If you let me and teach me, I will be the lover that you deserve. I receive so much pleasure and satisfaction when I see you smile or when you're happy and I know I had something to do with that happiness.

I will spend the rest of my life as the happiest woman on earth - simply by making you happy. I love you always and forever.


Friday, January 28, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIV- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )


When I met you, my life could not have been in a worse state. My heart had been broken too many times to count and life just didn't seem worth living anymore. Then you came along. From the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew that you would be someone that would make me smile again. You had such a warm, soft look on your face that I knew there was comfort and friendship in your heart. We started out as friends and you were the rock I needed in my life. I soon began to realize that what I was feeling for you was more than a friendship... something so overwhelming and wonderful that I couldn't even believe it myself. You opened my heart to new and wonderful things! You showed me what love really is and showed me that I was worth loving.

I know that things between us went terribly wrong. I want to fix them. I am not pointing fingers or placing blame on anyone. I just want to fix them.

So, I try to let you go and my heart aches because I can feel the pain and the confusion...I also feel the pain of letting go what could have been the best thing in my life,
but you see, I can't do it anymore ... tried it too many times before. You know what the saddest part is? I am willing to live with the pain of never knowing what could have been than risk my heart ever again.Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we will travel down the same path once again, until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

I miss you so much. I know that you are going to some where soon and I am dreading it. I am scared I will never see your sweet face again. I will be praying for your safe return.I am praying that you will come to see me again. Until then I will keep trying and hoping for the best. What and who I always thought you were is not what or who you have become or are becoming. I only hope and pray that the journey you are on of self discovery includes me when you reach the end of that journey.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that you are never far from my heart or mind; I still love you and I will forever miss my "Bam" until God helps our paths to cross once more, I still love you.

Love Always,


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Love,

I write in short,
something I have saved in my heart....I need some time and give it to you. You know, the time we spent together were the most beautiful moments I could live and still remains a lot to remember, and I'm ready for those moments, regardless of the pain that some of them may cause.

I just know that everything will be worth it if it's being and remain at your side. I tell you, how pleasant it is for me today to tell you how much I love you, looking into your eyes, and do not grieve for a love that is not for me anymore,
and that is much more than a love story. Any history will be similar to this that we and me, because the actors are different, and principles as well, but those who knew and know love, understand that my love for you is unconditional that will support you in every moment of your life, but above all those who find no comfort and need to flood my shoulder, because I'll be there without hesitation, to give comfort and a hug, and ask that even the worst do not give up.

But do not tie you to my heart, because I let you fly so that from the top you can choose what is best for you.Would be happy if I come back to choose whatever around you, but glad to see you happy if not, I..who decide to choose. I just see you smile, and know that you're happy, I just have to see your eyes full of sweetness for know that you really love me.I just know there's someone in my world for my heart, and that someone you certainly are.

I have no money to give you what material that you yearn, but I have a heart full give it to you to treasure for you, with projects and hopes, with promises to keep, with a sleep latency, that is to have you forever without making you suffer. And if that happens, keep in mind, never thought of it, I just wanted to see you smile forever, bad move was present. For that, and if it happens, I ask you to apologize to my heart by love as I love, having lost the battle and Having A never failed. I ask you to excuse me if I hurt you, because it never I thought of yourself, I just want that life for more and more joys, as you gave me your love your soul at the first day we meet.

Love is not destiny...but our meeting is destiny..wrote by Allah...and LOVE not a sin.. LOVE is a miracle word for everyone who can understand what LOVE is...

Love always........