Friday, April 10, 2009

A TRUE FRIENDs - sacha dost

The things I get through ........
Like a shadow....
Following me..........
Where ever I go.....

I know it is a stupid thing....
It can never gone...
It hurts sometimes.....
It is breathless when I cry...
Its too painful.

Hopefully that pain ebbs....
Whenever you a there..
There for me........

You'll be a listener,
When I need someone to talk to....
You'll wipe away my tears.......
When I cry..........
You'll share my worries......,
And we wash them away together.....
You'll help me to overcome my fears........,
When they come in the darkest night...,

I am not alone.......
For you are there ......,
You'll go that extra mile......,
And then you'll help me learn to smile...!!!!!!!!
You are my true friend
And I believe that you....
You know it is true.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A Friend is a person
who knows all about you......
and still likes you.

A single Rose .....
can be our garden.......
a single friend,
is our world.


Friends are great
They're always there for you,
They never hate.
Friends are trust worthy.

Friends are like cement never leaving,
Friends are the light in the darkness.
They never stop believing.
Friends have ups and they have downs,

Friends forgive, forget, and forever stand.
They always help you,
No matter what may be at hand.
Friends live forever in your eyes.
Standing strong by your side,
But most of all friends never say goodbye.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


ALLAH Knew That Everyone Needs Companionship And Cheer,
He Knew That People Need Someone
Whose Thoughts Are Always Near.

He Knew They Need Someone Kind
To Lend A Helping Hand.
Someone To Gladly Take The Time
To Care And Understand.

ALLAH Knew That We All Need Someone
To Share Each Happy Day,
To Be A Source Of Courage
When Troubles Come Our Way.

Someone To Be True To Us,
Whether Near Or Far Apart.
Someone Whose Love We'll Always
Hold And Treasure In Our Hearts

Love doesn't grow on trees like apples in Eden
- it's something you have to make. And you must use your imagination too.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


Will always see you for the way you really are,
will always have them open to listen,
To always tell you the truth and give their opinions,
Tell you when you mess up or do something good,
To care you happiness and will always have a place there for you,
To hold yours when you need a little guidance,
To lead when you need help and to help you up when you may fall,
To walk with you throughout your life and be the best friend they can be.

Friday, April 3, 2009


If ever you need me

I’ll be right here

To chase away the sadness

And wipe away a tear

If ever you need me

I’ll be two steps behind

To follow in your footsteps

And hear what’s on your mind

If ever you need me

You’ll never have to fear

That your presence isn’t important

And you love isn’t dear

If ever you need me

I’ll always be around

To bring back the laughter

Where deep in your heart it’s found

You’ll never have to worry

For I’ll always be here

To Chase away the sadness

And wipe away a tear

I am here for you


Sometimes it’s hard to write the words

That you, should see

Or say the things that you need to hear

Or be as I should be

You walk so fast and climb so high

It’s hard for me to catch up

To say or do just what is best

To help along the way

Should I be silent or give advice?

Should I answer yes or no?

Should I have control-set many rules

Or simply let you go?

One thing is certain….I’ll make mistakes

And some will seem hard to mend

But if nothing else seems cheer right now

Know that you can always count on me as your friend.