Thursday, December 31, 2009

LOVE LETTER -XIX- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Fir..,
I though I would let you know my love for you is burning very brightly..everyday and night. My heart longs for you. My heart longs to leap at the sound of your voice. My heart longs to be filled with joy by your smile. I love you for the warm...sweet affection in your eyes, whenever you look at me and the special smile you save only for me..
I love that you always seek to have your body close to mine, reaching out to touch, to hold my wrap your arms around me...
I love how you show me you care by looking for make my life easier and more comfortable.....
I love that ...when I ask you to do thing, you try to do them...instead of thinking me demanding.
I love that your favorite place is near me...that you'd rather be with me than anyone else.
I love you for more reason than this page has space to I'll try to tell you and show you in person all the thing I love about you....!!!!

!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR 2010 in advance!!!!!!!!!!!
I will love you forever...until I close my eyes....until I can't smile...until I can't say I love you....until I can't reach my cell phone.....and ...until that time.... you always much I love you.....

From your sweetheart...
_ Happy New Year..2010_

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

LOVE LETTER -XVIII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

My sweetheart...

You're always lighting up my heart with the things you do and say. I feel so happy just being with you this way. You will always be the love of my life, and please never give up, always have faith in yourself and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you righteously deserve. Every time I think of you my heart misses a beat. You're my theme or a dream! Every moment we share together we grow closer.

Never in my wildest dreams had I ever dreamt that I would fall in love with a man just like you. Oddly enough, in my night dreams, I would be visited by this "handsome" male figure. In my dream the male figure, would quietly approach me from behind, then wrap his arms around my waist and put his head to the nape of my neck and whisper, "I am here for you." This dream continued for several different nights. Then you and I got to be alone. And you came to me. Our flirtatious ways were deepening. We shared a moment alone, and I felt you close to my heart. Now every day when I hear the sound of your voice, my heart does that "jump" and beats a little faster.

I've fallen in love with you, but you are not mine to fall in love with. And we both have realized this, so we keep a safe distance.

Until then, my sweet handsome, I will forever hold you in a special place in my heart, just discreetly.

Love always,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

LOVE LETTER -XVII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Hello honey....
Dear.. I know it is difficult for you, as it is for me, to be separated for so long. Life seems to be full of trials of this type which test our inner strength, and more importantly, our devotion and love for one another. After all, it is said that "True Love" is boundless and immeasurable and overcomes all forms of adversity. In truth, if it is genuine, it will grow stronger with each assault upon its existence.

I'd be so good to you. I would never do anything to hurt you. I would cherish you and support you in everything you do. I'd show you love like you've never seen before. I love you, and there's nothing I can do about it but write this letter that you'll receive anyway. But to let it all out makes it a little easier.

I miss you, my love, my heart, my soul. Please take care of yourself because I truly care for you. Even if we are over, I will always have you in my heart. And I will always remember the time we spent together. Allah bless you, and your family. I hope one day you'll find happiness and don't think about me......As u always said think it as a dream.......just think of me as one part of your sweet dream...and keep it as a love letter and put it inside envelope day when u want to remember me just open it....and read .....and me always there for you.......

I can only hope that the day will arrive when you look deep into my eyes and you tell me what I have been waiting to hear: that you love me the same way I'm thinking of you always.

Love always....