Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIII- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Love,

I write in short,
something I have saved in my heart....I need some time and give it to you. You know, the time we spent together were the most beautiful moments I could live and still remains a lot to remember, and I'm ready for those moments, regardless of the pain that some of them may cause.

I just know that everything will be worth it if it's being and remain at your side. I tell you, how pleasant it is for me today to tell you how much I love you, looking into your eyes, and do not grieve for a love that is not for me anymore,
and that is much more than a love story. Any history will be similar to this that we live....you and me, because the actors are different, and principles as well, but those who knew and know love, understand that my love for you is unconditional that will support you in every moment of your life, but above all those who find no comfort and need to flood my shoulder, because I'll be there without hesitation, to give comfort and a hug, and ask that even the worst do not give up.

But do not tie you to my heart, because I let you fly so that from the top you can choose what is best for you.Would be happy if I come back to choose whatever around you, but glad to see you happy if not, I..who decide to choose. I just see you smile, and know that you're happy, I just have to see your eyes full of sweetness for know that you really love me.I just know there's someone in my world for my heart, and that someone you certainly are.

I have no money to give you what material that you yearn, but I have a heart full give it to you to treasure for you, with projects and hopes, with promises to keep, with a sleep latency, that is to have you forever without making you suffer. And if that happens, keep in mind, never thought of it, I just wanted to see you smile forever, bad move was present. For that, and if it happens, I ask you to apologize to my heart by love as I love, having lost the battle and Having A never failed. I ask you to excuse me if I hurt you, because it never I thought of yourself, I just want that life for more and more joys, as you gave me your love your soul at the first day we meet.

Love is not destiny...but our meeting is destiny..wrote by Allah...and LOVE not a sin.. LOVE is a miracle word for everyone who can understand what LOVE is...

Love always........

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