Friday, January 28, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIV- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )


When I met you, my life could not have been in a worse state. My heart had been broken too many times to count and life just didn't seem worth living anymore. Then you came along. From the first time I laid eyes on you, I knew that you would be someone that would make me smile again. You had such a warm, soft look on your face that I knew there was comfort and friendship in your heart. We started out as friends and you were the rock I needed in my life. I soon began to realize that what I was feeling for you was more than a friendship... something so overwhelming and wonderful that I couldn't even believe it myself. You opened my heart to new and wonderful things! You showed me what love really is and showed me that I was worth loving.

I know that things between us went terribly wrong. I want to fix them. I am not pointing fingers or placing blame on anyone. I just want to fix them.

So, I try to let you go and my heart aches because I can feel the pain and the confusion...I also feel the pain of letting go what could have been the best thing in my life,
but you see, I can't do it anymore ... tried it too many times before. You know what the saddest part is? I am willing to live with the pain of never knowing what could have been than risk my heart ever again.Does that mean that we stopped loving each other? Absolutely not. You're a very special soul in my life and you will always continue to be. I love you with all my being and I accept that we are now traveling down different paths in our lives, but my love for you will always remain constant and my past of you will be relived in my dreams. Though our roads are different, our paths will always cross and maybe someday in the future, our roads will meet and we will travel down the same path once again, until then my sweet love ... in my heart is where you always reside.

I miss you so much. I know that you are going to some where soon and I am dreading it. I am scared I will never see your sweet face again. I will be praying for your safe return.I am praying that you will come to see me again. Until then I will keep trying and hoping for the best. What and who I always thought you were is not what or who you have become or are becoming. I only hope and pray that the journey you are on of self discovery includes me when you reach the end of that journey.

Well, I just wanted to let you know that you are never far from my heart or mind; I still love you and I will forever miss my "Bam" until God helps our paths to cross once more, I still love you.

Love Always,


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