Monday, April 11, 2011

LOVE LETTER -XXXIX- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear honey....

These past two years, with a clear head but full heart. I have no regrets, just this ineffable sadness lurking throughout my rooms of memory. To turn back time and savour those moments with you more deeply is an impossibility. Not because I do not have the means to time travel, for I do. Memory is a blessing I bear – one I often curse because it remembers all too clearly what I have lost. I can walk the corridors of the past with ease, each second with you is fresh and vivid; alive with sight and sound and scent. The impossibility lies in the fact that it is physically, emotionally and mentally beyond me to cherish those moments any more than I did at the timmye of their creation. They were experienced with more intensity than this frail heart and body should ever have been asked to bear as it was.

The pain lies now in the lack of sensation; the total numbness of my hands and body when I recall how you held me and kissed me. I can’t feel that. Without your touch these memories are just home videos thrown up on the vein-cracked wall of my mind. How is it that a person can still taste another’s ....... and yet be unable to bring to mind those feeling to hers?

I will tell u some thing though I m next to u … I love the way say … aahhhhaa … you can’t imagine How much I love you .. but I m scared for only n only one thing … will you love me like this forever ….. cause this is your love who made me crazy .. now If u will chage .. I really dont know what will I do …. I can’t even say .. I will die and go to some other world .. cause there also I would be searching you … I have always had a dream to get some one like you … I never know god could be so great full to me to send you to my life … You are my life … My heart ….. If I open my eyes I want to see you … If I want to hear some thing .. I only want to hear your voice ….. If sind comes to touch me .. I want it should touch u first and then come to me ….. I love uuuuu …


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