Saturday, November 28, 2009

LOVE LETTER -XVI- ( For Everybody who was fall inlove )

Dear Fir.......,

It's been about three weeks since our meeting. I miss you so much and I can't stop thinking of you. I thought that by now I'd be okay with the fact that we can't be together, but it still hurts me as if we just ended yesterday. You are the last thing on my mind before I go to bed and the first thing on my mind when I wake up. I just wish I could hear your voice and tell you just how much I truly love you.

I don't know why I fell so in love with you so fast, but what I do know, is that in the short time we've been together was like magic for me. We became so close and everything just felt so right. It's almost as if something brought us together. We were meant to find each other and complete each other's life.

I love you, Fir....., and there's nothing that would make me happier than to have you in my life again. Even if it's only as lover. I just miss you. I can't help it. I've been trying all this time to ignore this void in my heart, but I can't. And it just hurts so bad because I know in my heart that you and I will never be. The reason why we can't be together is what hurts me more. If it was because you didn't love me or didn't want to be with me, then I could accept that. But it's not because of that and that is what's making hard for me to let you go. I feel that we belong to each other.

But I still want to know, how do you feel, when I'm not around? Is your heart really mine, or have all these months been wasted time? I don't mean to cry, I try to hold onto my pride, but when pictures are all I have, it gets hard sometimes. Every time I close my eyes I see your beautiful face. I don't know what to do; all I know is how much I am in love with you. And every day I'm going to continue to pray that you're going to come home to me someday, and all the promise's you made to me ... will come true. Until then, just know that I'm waiting here for you, that I miss you ... and this love that I feel is nothing but unconditional.

I love you,


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